Branding in Graphic Design Defined
A brand is the identity of a specific product, service, or business. A brand can take many forms, including a name, sign, symbol, color combination or slogan. To me, a logo is part of the brand (or branding) as are (if appropriate) the tag line, the typography and fonts, the colours used, design scheme and grids. (according to

Identity Defined
(noun) the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. (according to the dictionary)

The idea of a "brand" has gone not just from products, organizations, causes etc. and has spread to presenting ourselves as our own "brand." For me, I go further, believing that our personal brand is a piece of our identity. We think of people in terms of their lives and snippets we find - their an "Adrenaline Junkie," "Hipster," "Slacker," and on, and on. It is easier to label people and move on with our lives. No judgement here - we all do it - just makes things easier sometimes (like buying a birthday gift). Most of the population doesn't realize they are putting forth their "brand" by everything they do. Others carefully curate their lives to make sure you know what their "brand" is or they want it to be. 

This leads me to SIRANGO. Turns out Sirango is a town in India - I did not realize this after I had been in "business" for an extended period of time. If you would like to learn more about Sirango in India - check this out

Back to SIRANGO - named for the Siren's song and Mango - joined to create SIRANGO. Brilliant! I am SIRANGO but I am also AnneMary. It's just me. At first I tried to look like I was a big business - not so much. Took a bit of an extended break to have my children. Now I find myself at a cross roads. Who is SIRANGO? Who is AnneMary? I ended up in an existential identity crisis. I'm not the same girl who started SIRANGO and yet the woman I have become shares much with that girl. 

SO - I heard this idea - What are your 5 words? What are the 5 words that define you? Part of the process was to ask people you know to say 5 words about you. The results were fascinating. bold, hilarious, vivacious, candid, bright, fun, sweet, family, funny, unbreakable, fun, loving, Spirited, giving, thoughtful, creative, excited, honest, ambitious, encouraging, spontaneous, generous, fun, empathetic, fun, adaptable, funny, awesome, kind, fair, loving, creative, funny, energetic, loving, loyal, funny, generous, kind, understanding, wicked (in a good way), hilarious, spunky, loving, gentle, powerful, nice/kind, fun, loving, funny, fun to hang out with, kind, caring, loving, smart, artistic. The last 10 were from my 10 year old daughter and 12 year old son. WOW...of course no one is going to write bossy, mean, nightmare but it still is alot of identities... (I didn't see athletic or brilliant or hot but it is what it is) now I am going to figure out my 5 words.

What are your 5 words?

My Instagram account might amuse you as I work on my words:


Stay tuned for my 5 words. xx annemary/SIRANGO